Waterford Airport responds to Flybe decision to cease Birmingham service from April

December 2014

Waterford Airport is dismayed by the decision this week by Flybe to cease services on the Birmingham-Waterford route from April 2015. This decision appears to be part of a wider decision, whereby the airline will cease to operate a number of routes from Birmingham.

Flybe has operated the Birmingham-Waterford route since March 2012 and also provided Manchester-Waterford flights from May 2013.

Responding to the airline’s decision, Desmond O’Flynn, CEO, Waterford Airport, said: "We are obviously very very disappointed at the discontinuation of the scheduled passenger service linking Waterford with Birmingham and onward destinations in the UK and Europe. It is important to underline that this comes in the context of Flybe ceasing a number of Birmingham routes and has nothing to do with the performance of the route per se, where passenger numbers are actually up 17% year to date on last year. This result makes their decision all the more incomprehensible."

"As the Irish economy has begun to recover in 2014, there has been a 15% increase in passenger numbers flying through Waterford compared to 2013. This provides a very solid platform on which to build, as we now work with other airlines to put in place alternatives to Flybe in 2015 and beyond."

"While this work continues, we look forward to a busy Christmas period at the Airport as people use the current services at Waterford Airport to travel to and from the UK to reunite with their families for the holidays. The continued support of our passengers and all other stakeholders is something that we very much value."