Waterford Airport Statement to the Déise AM Show on WLR local radio , 26th July

July 26th

We expect to have engagement with the WRC very shortly with a view to resolving the dispute.

The employees who turn up for work have been seriously verbally abused. They are not ‘strike-breakers’. They are providing a vital public service for the Waterford community and the wider southeast region. Firemen and others support the Coast Guard helicopter which flew no less than seven mercy missions out of Waterford in the last four days.

We continue to actively seek an alternative airline to restore full service despite the obvious difficulty posed by having a strike on our hands at the same time.

We currently do not have enough work for all employees on a full-time basis.

Members of the airport management have taken pay cuts but are still required to work full-time to manage the negotiations for an alternative airline service, to ensure that the airport provides continuity of service during the strike and to plan for the future of this vital part of the southeast regional infrastructure.

We invite Unite to join us in our efforts to keep the airport open and viable.